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 Disability Business Coaching

Disability Business Coaching

Breaking down the Essentials

Wendy Holloway specializes in facilitating transformation in human behaviour using techniques in Applied Neuro-science, which she says work exceptionally well for clients that struggle with varying disabilities.

By finding ways to increase a client’s confidence, Wendy tries at the same time increasing their effectiveness and productivity in business growth.

Building a business can mean different things to different people but according to her, the essential elements remain the same and can be tackled very simplistically while still accomplishing the intention of a business plan.

Wendy works with Community Futures offices and clients across Alberta, and through video coaching has clients all over North America.

Wendy's Client Success Story:

“I feel like each of my clients is a success story! But I have one client that struggles with anxiety and social phobias. She has Lupus as well as a lot of emotional traumas from her past. She is an artist and practices her art in almost any medium imaginable. Through our sessions, she has been learning how to care for her health and to rest when needed. This is allowing her to have the energy to work on her business building. She has even hosted 2 paint nights. She is growing in confidence and learning the basics of business building and implementing them along the way as she slowly creates her business plan. I am so excited for her and her future as she continues to pursue her passions!”


Working with the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program since 2018, Wendy Holloway has been a real estate agent, broker and health/life coach.

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