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 A New Wave of Entrepreneurs

A New Wave of Entrepreneurs

A growing momentum is emerging in rural Alberta. Entrepreneurs from every region of the province are harnessing the power of purpose to energize their communities, lead their companies and to connect with new and emerging markets.

Diversification is crucial to the health of smaller communities

Entrepreneurship is growing in Alberta fueled, in part, by rural entrepreneurs who are accelerating change and growth in their communities.

Interest in small business ownership and entrepreneurial investment is on the rise, and as a network of developmental lenders, Community Futures Alberta is ready to keep pace.

Help in an ever-changing world

As the global economic landscape is quickly shifting, there is an opportunity to enhance the value of the Community Futures program. We have updated our presence across Alberta and each Community Futures location offers a suite of business programs aimed at inspiring a new wave of entrepreneurs to start, grow, or buy a business while also building their business skills and literacy.

Community Futures is a gateway to a wealth of business services and support and we will be working to increase networking and partnership opportunities for entrepreneurs in key areas of economic diversification.

Local and community-based

Living in rural Alberta is about lifestyle and choice, and starting a rural business is about investing in the values of your community.

We believe purpose-driven entrepreneurs are the backbone of healthy and diversified communities — and we are willing to do everything we can to help them reach their potential.

Business Loans

Community Futures offices apply flexible loan criteria and options to help you start a new business, buy a business, open a franchise, expand into new markets.

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