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Rural Albertans know that community matters as much as success

Rural Albertans know that community matters as much as success

Purpose-driven entrepreneurs are the backbone of healthy, diversified communities.

Starting a small business in a rural community is a lifestyle choice and can provide you the opportunity to follow your passion and find freedom and flexibility. Up until now, women, Indigenous, and young entrepreneurs have been underrepresented in the Canadian small business community.

At Community Futures, we are working to change this by supporting and inspiring a new wave of entrepreneurs. We are not a bank, and we believe every small business, regardless of size or impact, should have access to our purpose-built financing and training options.

Every day entrepreneurs are starting and growing great businesses in rural Alberta. Driven by a desire for more freedom and flexibility, they are carving out a solid financial future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Are you ready to build your Entrepreneurial skills to succeed in Alberta's rural small business community?

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If you have a great business idea, the time is right to join the thousands of Albertans following their passion and finding opportunity in a rural small business community.

We have 27 office across Alberta and can connect you to a local business advisor in your area.

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