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For over 25 years, we've been helping rural Albertans turn their business dreams into reality. If you're willing to ask "What if?", we may say "Why not?"

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Who we help

Image Crafters

In 1982 Image Crafter Signs was incorporated with an initial investment of $12,000.00. With that capital Image...

Kindred Companions

After caring for their own elderly parents, cousins, Janet Fitzgerald and Colleen Best had experienced the ebb...

Play2Learn Daycare Services

Early 2009 began the vision of my venture.  I am a local born and raised community member of Elk Point.  I...

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Community Futures Alberta
#3209, 2nd Floor, Building B
101 Sunset Drive
Cochrane, AB T4C 0B4

t: 403-851-9995
toll free: 1-855-857-1846
f: 403-851-9905


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