Volunteer of the Year

The foundation and the heart of the Community Futures program is our volunteers.  The winner of this yearly award, is nominated by their local Community Futures region out of respect and recognition for their outstanding volunteer leadership and commitment in the Community Futures program in Alberta.


Our most recent award winner is Lloyd Kearl

Lloyd serves as the Chair of both the Community Futures Network of Alberta and Community Futures Alberta Southwest Board of Directors. 

Lloyd has been involved with the Community Futures program for nearly a decade. Every year his commitment, belief and enthusiasm for our vision and mission grow. Lloyd has been instrumental in building and fostering a renewed energy around the program and been a catalyst for inspiring and encouraging others in the community to join Community Futures as directors. 


Lasting Change

Lloyd’s dedication has expanded throughout the years and has also led to his representing the program across Western Canada and even nationally.  And if that wasn’t enough, he continues to be an incredibly active volunteer as a leader and member of a local service organization. Quoting the mantra of that service organization, “One must take action to create lasting change”. And change he has made. Lloyd continues to take an active role in enabling and advising staff with opportunities and even mentoring early start-ups, as well as building new relationships and partnerships between the Community Futures program and the regional economic development community. His impact has produced award-wining projects and partnerships that are built to last long into the future. 

Lloyd Kearl has championed our purpose, and in doing so, created a legacy that will not soon be forgotten. 

Thank you Lloyd and congratulations.