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Success Stories

Community Futures is pleased to showcase some of the many good news stories in rural Alberta. Everyday we help people like you start and grow successful small businesses.

Evolution Freestyle Resort

Tawatinaw, AB

Evolution Freestyle is a world class off season freestyle training resort that provides freestyle athletes a complete dry-land training experience which includes an airbag, rail park, trampoline and more. The training facility is focussed on not only the best possible experience and coaching for the athlete but offers a unique "resort" experience for the athlete's family.

Shredz Snow and Skate

Nick Sereda
Drumheller, AB

Shredz Snow and Skate, owner Nick Sereda came to us in persueing his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Only few years out of high school he followed his dream and opened up a skater shop in Drumheller. Nick opened his business in 2004 and has been thriving ever since. It has been a great asset to Drumheller in providing local young adults a trenty place to shop for snowboards, skateboards, clothing and accessories.

After only being opened for a few years, Nick decided to expand his business into Sylvan Lake, Alberta, where his younger brother Chris is operating it.

Exhale Esthetics Studio & Spa

#103, 10011 - 106 Street Westlock, AB T7P 2K3

Exhale Esthetics Studio & Spa serves the Westlock area offering "A La Carte" and package spa services, such as gel nails, foot care (pedicures), skin care(facials), massage and  waxing. Exhale Esthetics prides itself on being able to offer a comfortable and relaxing environment to all of their clients. 


Obies General Mercantile

Peggy Dingreville and Bill Ullman
Lundbreck, Alberta

The force of his own merit makes his way – Shakespeare

What Willie is saying in the above quote is - You have to be good at what you do!

Owners, Peggy Dingreville and Bill Ullman, of Obies General Mercantile Ltd. in Lundbreck, have been good at providing great products, pricing and service to the local people since taking the reins of the business in 2008.

They provide gas, grocery and general items, prepared foods and an ice cream station, as well as being the local Post Office.

Obies employs a staff of eight for most of the year but in the busy summer months, as the local camp grounds get busy, two seasonal employees are added. Anne Molnar serves as the manager and keeps the staff and store working smoothly year round.

Sometimes sudden opportunities emerge in the business world, and if you are good at what you do, you seize those opportunities.

Bill and Peggy saw the paving crews and the fleet of trucks supplying the crews working on the regional roads, and realized that Obies General Mercantile could provide fuel and food for those crews. Such an increase in business requires capital and that is where Community Futures Alberta Southwest was able to help.

Peggy and Bill put together a good business plan that modeled increases in inventory and sales for the duration of the road paving crew’s work assignment. The crews were fueled and fed, and were able to pick up the items that make being away from home less of a burden.

Sometimes opportunity knocks, other times it just drives up and down the roads and you have to pay attention to notice. If you are good at what you do as an entrepreneur, you listen for the knock by paying attention to regional activity.

When you perceive the opportunity, as Obies General Mercantile did, and come up with a plan, Community Futures is ready to help


Power Train Savers

Nowal Pierson
Vauxhall, AB

Power Train Savers is a company that is located in the small town of Vauxhall, AB. Nowal Pierson is the owner/operator of this company that manufactures and sells an after-market product for drive train protection.  Instead of replacing a complete drive shaft, differential or axle, you can install the torque fuses at a fraction of the cost and have a quarter of the down time.  The sales of this product have gone through the roof.  Nowal has his product being used in major cities (i.e.New York) and using his product on their entire fleet of trucks. (i.e. garbage, gravel, sweepers etc.)  The Power Train Saver also has application for much larger vessels.  It is currently being used in ferry systems as well as ships and barges.  Nowal invented this product and it is fully patented.  Nowal has been able to increase his sales staff allowing him to spend more time inventing new innovative products that we will be seeing on the market in the future.

Sonnax is a licensed distributor of Power Train Savers product. An example of the Power Train Saver product can be found here:

Nowal also has a sign post business that is much along the same line of the Power Train product. The sign would have an after-market joint in the post so that if it is hit, just the pins can be replaced not the whole post reducing all of the work of making a new hole etc.

MICANN Ventures Inc.

Michael & Anne Muyres
Rocky Mountain House, AB.

Partners Michael and Anne Muyres started their business in 2000 as a small welding and fabrication shop just outside of Rocky Mountain House.  A few years later, Michael had gained considerable experience and knowledge to weld on and repair vehicles that transported dangerous goods but was limited to what he could do without proper certification.  “Customers started encouraging me to obtain our certification with Transport Canada,” says Michael.  After carefully assessing the needs of potential customers, it became apparent that Rocky Mountain House needed a facility to provide ‘one stop’ services to customers that hauled dangerous good.  At this point, many had to go to the cities for work to be completed.

It was at this stage that Community Futures Central Alberta met the husband and wife pair in 2011.  They had applied to become a registered facility with Transport Canada.  “We needed a bit of help to get us there,” said Anne.   “Community Futures really helped us to gain the financing we needed to bring our business to the next level,” Anne stated.  In October 2013 MICANN Ventures Inc. became a registered facility with Transport Canada in accordance with CSA Standard B620.

Since then the company has been growing quickly and continues to add to their current employee base. “Right now we are looking for someone who holds their journeyman welding ticket or a third year apprentice welder,” says Anne.  If you or someone you know is interested in these positions, or if want to find more out about MICANN Ventures Inc., call them at (403) 845-3040 or go online to


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Success stories

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