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Success Stories

Community Futures is pleased to showcase some of the many good news stories in rural Alberta. Everyday we help people like you start and grow successful small businesses.

Power Train Savers

Nowal Pierson
Vauxhall, AB

Power Train Savers is a company that is located in the small town of Vauxhall, AB. Nowal Pierson is the owner/operator of this company that manufactures and sells an after-market product for drive train protection.  Instead of replacing a complete drive shaft, differential or axle, you can install the torque fuses at a fraction of the cost and have a quarter of the down time.  The sales of this product have gone through the roof.  Nowal has his product being used in major cities (i.e.New York) and using his product on their entire fleet of trucks. (i.e. garbage, gravel, sweepers etc.)  The Power Train Saver also has application for much larger vessels.  It is currently being used in ferry systems as well as ships and barges.  Nowal invented this product and it is fully patented.  Nowal has been able to increase his sales staff allowing him to spend more time inventing new innovative products that we will be seeing on the market in the future.

Sonnax is a licensed distributor of Power Train Savers product. An example of the Power Train Saver product can be found here:

Nowal also has a sign post business that is much along the same line of the Power Train product. The sign would have an after-market joint in the post so that if it is hit, just the pins can be replaced not the whole post reducing all of the work of making a new hole etc.

Coffee, Art and Music

Eugene and Betty Jean Cleland
Medicine Hat, AB

Imagine how interesting you could make a camping trip if you could make an espresso for your friends. That’s just the kind of guy Eugene Cleland is – he was the one who brought along his espresso machine to camp. For Eugene, making coffee is an art, from the choosing of the roast, to the making of the shot, the careful steaming of the milk, and finally, the art he creates with the foam. It is common for friends and family to gather at his home for a great coffee – many have told him he should open his own coffee shop. After much dreaming and consideration, that’s exactly what he did.

Eugene and his wife, Betty Jean, began the journey to entrepreneurship in 2016 when they enrolled for the Community Futures Entre-Corp Self Employment program. During that training, they had time to learn about business ownership, tackle the challenges in understanding business, develop their ideas, and create a viable business plan which would allow them to turn their passion into reality.

A year or so later, they are the proud owners of Medicine Hat’s newest coffeehouse, Café Verve

Eugene and Betty Jean have carefully planned their space for live music and to support local artists on their gallery style walls. There is usually live music every Friday night. Local art continually changes and adorns their walls. Café Verve has already hosted many musicians and artists since they opened their doors May 5, 2017. They employ 4 full-time staff and 6 part-time staff.   

They invite you to visit and enjoy the great service!

Eugene and Betty Jean both shared that they are so thankful for their wonderful staff who work with them to make the cafe a reality - they emphasized that they could not have come this far without them.

Story by Elizabeth Blair


Tri Land Welding & Machine Ltd.

Tim Sawarin
Lloydminster, AB

Tim Sawarin wanted to take control of his future, and create a promising future for his family.  Since 1992 he and his wife Susan have owned and operated Tri Land Welding & Machine LTD. Tri Land Welding & Machine LTD. is a maintenance, repair, and fabrication, and CNC production shop. They cater to the oil, agriculture, trucking, and construction industries. They design new, and modify old equipment for higher production at a lower cost. Tim began as a journeyman mechanic and moved to shop foreman and eventually to owner. When he is mot machining he volunteers as Vice Chair or the Community
Futures Lloydminster and Region Board and the Investment Review Committee.

Tri Land proudly employs a 3rd year apprentice, Matt, and Daniel, a 3rd year engineering student at University of Alberta. As well as his children Katharine, a Journeyman Machinist (recipient of the John A. Mery Memorial Scholarship as a 4th year student for her 100% practical exam, outstanding grades and attitude), and Adam, an Apprentice Mechanic and “Jack of all Trades”. They are located in Lloydminster and soon will be located at 5316-51st Street (down from the Greyhound Bus Depot) in the fall of 2013.

Tim utilized Community Futures Lloydminster and Region for advice and tools on how to run a business. He credits CFLR with giving him the outline on how to run a business, advice on organization, finance, and business planning. He came across CFLR’s services by a referral from a bank. Tri Land did not acquire a loan from CFLR, but rather utilized the tools and programs available for entrepreneurs.

Jennie's Diner

Jennie Hamel
Bonnyville, AB

Their incredible story is soon to come!


EC Bar Ranch

Lyndon and Denise Dreff
High Prairie

EC Bar Ranch offers a variety of outdoor acitivities that take advantage of the beautiful surrondings in a sustainable fashion. The suite of avialable adventures caters to many individuals and groups, with too many activities to experience in just one day. EC Bar Ranch is an excellent example of how a local business can creativly engage the local community and create a destination that can attrract travelers far and wide.

Wabamun Watersport Rentals Inc

Alfred Samson, Rodney Biggar and Brody Wells
Wabamun Lake, Wabamun

Weather you want to Fly like a superhero, swim like a dolphin, take a ride on a seadoo or relax on a boat, this new and exciting business Wabamun Watersport Rentals Inc. is located at Wabamun Lake, Wabamun.

At Wabamun Watersport Rentals, their goal is and always will be the customer’s experience. From the moment you contact them, their priority is to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience, and to make sure that at the end of your lesson, you will tell your family and friends, and come back for more. They aim to give every person the experience of a lifetime. Whether you have been around water sports your whole life, or you have never swam in a lake before, they are always there to help and make sure you have the best experience possible. Anyone can have a great day on the lake and experience something they have never experienced before with Wabamun Watersport Rentals Inc.

The business it locally owned and operated by Alfred Samson, Rodney Biggar and Brody Wells. This being Wabamun Flyboard Inc.’s 2nd year in business and the 4th year for the Flyboard to be out on the scene, we are very excited to see where the sport has come from and how it has been developing. With Flyboarding just making its way to the headlines they are eager to spend their summer teaching people about this new summer sport.

CFCR was able to help with initial start-up funding as well as business advice and coaching. With expansion in mind CFCR was able to help again with Wabamun Flyboard Inc.’s overall goal to expand into all water sport activates. They want everyone to be able to experience Wabamun Lake in the same way.

We are excited to see Wabamun Flyboard Inc. grow.


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Success stories

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