Blaine & Jaclyn Schacher
Camrose, Alberta

If you are fortunate enough in your journey as a business owner to cross paths with Community Futures – you are destined for success.  Community Futures provides services and support beyond financing that are critical to growing YOU as a business owner. 

I would like to share with you that our experience with Community Futures no doubt changed the path of our business.  In addition to financing, they offer mentorship and business relationships that build confidence in us as business owners which is very rare with financial companies.  They provide coaching (and this is my favorite part) on everything from the business basics to interpreting and controlling the reigns of your business once it is in full force.  Community Futures seems to me to attract experts with a higher purpose, a deeper desire to make a difference by listening and interpreting business needs based on real life day to day operations, and finding and infusing aid financially as well as mentorship and teachings in just the right areas for success.  Their marketing slogan couldn’t ring more true – they really are building our community…one idea at a time!!! 

Blain and I would like to thank Clark, Shelley and Community Futures for continuing to support us to think big, and rise to it!