S&J Management Ltd. is a management company that focuses on being a foundation for our clients in all aspects of accounting, consulting, proper representation, training and tax planning.  S&J’s goals are to lend a helping hand in all areas of business structure by offering assistance on all levels from administration to bookkeeping and representation. Whether you are a start-up business, taking it to the next level or a growing venture, we are here to help!

When first starting my business, I found that I was a little lost in the steps of how to properly launch my company. We, as new business owners, have the drive to start but rarely have the “know-how” to start properly. Community Futures Highwood gave me the tools to do it right: with a self-employment course, assistance in writing my business plan and setting me in the right direction. 

When it was time to start advertising my company, I knew I didn’t have the working capital nor the start up funds to carry my company forward. I applied for a business loan with Community Futures Highwood and with the tools, knowledge and approval of my loan I was able to get my company off the ground. I started my home-based business July 2007.  In 1 year we were forced to move, due to the increase of clientele, from home-based to a more professional retail office. Since then, 11 years later, we still continue to grow, learn and shape the company within the community. As a firm, we have teamed up with local Bookkeepers, Accountants (CPA), Lawyer Offices, Trainers, Financial Advisors and Commercial Insurance Professionals. S&J Management is also happy to announce that after 11 years of dedicated service to local business owners we have now launched a Sales and Marketing Division. With our new division, we work in tandem with our existing S&J Management professionals to deliver a holistic approach to all business owners.

"Why shop in 10 different places when you can shop in ONE place and get 10 different services?"

In these 11 years, I could not have done any of it and could not continue to do it without the assistance, guidance and support of Community Futures Highwood.  They continue to be the support system and my mentor in the community. I continue to use the tools and knowledge that Community Futures Highwood has given me and give back to the community by assisting and providing a helping hand to our fellow business owners as they launch their companies on a successful venture.