Evan & Nathan Whalen
10302 67 Ave., Grande Prairie

In 2016, two brothers from Prince Edward Island decided to bring a taste of the Atlantic to Grande Prairie. Evan and Nathan Whalen, both who have made Grande Prairie home, found that they missed the taste of fresh seafood living so far from the coast, and figured that there was a way to share that taste with our city. They settled on opening Grand Banks Seafood Market and Bistro, a one-of-a-kind experience in shopping and dining for Grande Prairie.

Every spring, they return to P.E.I. to fish for the product they know and love. Lobsters in May and June, scallops over the summer, and mackerel and herring through the fall. The brothers take great pride in the food they serve and sell. They can tell you where the fish was caught, and if they didn’t catch it themselves, they can tell you where it was landed, from another fisherman in P.E.I. or in Nova Scotia.

This relationship to food is not unknown in our region, and is something our love for the Peace Region appreciates. We know our producers, we know where our food comes from, and adding a market for seafood that has the same love for ‘local’ that is so dear to Grande Prairie only makes sense.