Greg & Angela O'Hare
Kitscoty, AB

Go Technologies is a shop business located in Kistcoty in the County of Vermillion. They have three hardworking employees; Angela and Greg O’Hare, and Scott Pratt. It began with Greg O’Hare’s vision, with trying to solve a problem, capturing off gas, and utilizing the results to generate energy to use elsewhere.

Go Technologies approached Community Futures Lloydminster and Region in their developmental stage, approximately eight months into planning through the CFLR website, in late 2011.

Go Technologies regards Community Futures as a great starting point, “[We] believe [we] could not have started without CFLR’s support… the loan was instrumental in changing our lives, allowing to start the business and reduce our dependence on external resources.”

Go Technologies have found success in their community, withsales  and vendor contracts being almost all within a 50km radius, and with an ncredible 300% growth rate in the last two years. They foresee a bright future that includes increasing staff, and business growth.