Don Doonan
Medicine Hat, AB

Accessible Accessories Ltd.(AA) is an Application Service Provider (ASP), meaning it provides computer-based services to customers over a network. The interactive program has been designed to provide dealership customers and employees with the ability to look up “Dealer Specific” accessories and prices for any vehicle. This information can be accessed from any internet capable computer, without having to call Parts or Service departments for pricing.

Some of the features that Accessible Accessories offers in the software include accessory pictures, internal pricing, multiple user access rights, printable quotes including customer and vehicle information, user activity logs, parts and labour overrides, installation pricing incorporating up to 3 labour rates and shop supply charges, linked accessory websites to Dealership websites and the ability to add dealer specific custom accessories – such as paint and rust protection, under coatings, clothing etc.

Don has seen his clients increase their accessory sales as much as 500% when the dealership implements a solid process supporting the usage of the program by all employees.

Story by Elizabeth Blair