Success stories

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Success Stories

Community Futures is pleased to showcase some of the many good news stories in rural Alberta. Everyday we help people like you start and grow successful small businesses.

Hayboss Feeders

Sturgeon County Alberta

Hayboss Feeders™ are one of North America’s premiere net-feeder manufacturing companies, with facilities located in both Canada and the United States. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, HayBoss™ is a family-owned business, proudly serving customers throughout North America. Our 2,400 square foot Canadian manufacturing shop has a production capacity of up to 40 feeders per month; our Dalton, Wisconsin-based U.S. facility can produce upwards of 150 feeders per month.

HayBoss Feeders™ is a revolutionary, no-waste, multi-species forage feeding system that is safe and clean for animals of any size. Our fully-adjustable, premium-quality products are made of high-grade galvanized steel, and feature self-locking, retractable nets. The HayBoss™ net feeding solution is sheltered, and keeps your forage raised above the ground, leading to less waste; it helps promote animal health, and allows you to more effectively manage your animals’ food intake.

1-844-HAY-BOSS- Toll Free

Gaz Exhibits

George & Pamela Ziwani
Chestermere, AB

Seeing an opportunity to assist businesses, schools, agencies and other organizations with tradeshow and event installations, George and Pamela Ziwani approached Community Futures Wild Rose with their idea.

Providing step-by-step business counselling as well as start-up capital to get their business off the ground, the Ziwani's believe the planning and financing support provided by Community Futures Wild Rose was key to making their small business dreams a reality.

Through hard work and strategic decisions, Gaz Exhibits has grown to include five full-time employees, two company trucks and a 5800 square foot facility to house their inventory and equipment.

"Thank you, Community Futures Wild Rose, for putting our dreams on the right path and staying with us for the long haul."

AltaMix Concrete Ltd.

Krystal and Colter Hutton
Didsbury, AB

Altamix Concrete

AltaMix Concrete Ltd. is a family owned and operated ready-mix concrete company based out of Didsbury, Alberta. The company was founded in May 2013 by Krystal and Colter Hutton. After running the business for over a year, the couple then approached Community Futures Central Alberta in August 2014 in search of a business loan to purchase the equipment they needed to expand their business. Krystal and Colter, who live in Didsbury themselves, are proud to be a part of strengthening their community and building for the future. They do so by providing quality ready-mix concrete for your residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural needs. The company has three volumetric concrete mixers and they pride themselves in their customer service and relations, making the customer’s job as easy as possible.

AltaMix can provide concrete for services such as footings, foundations, floors, driveways, piles and specialty mixes, in addition to supplying pump trucks, finishers, cribbers, and a prep crew.

AltaMix delivers quality ready-mix concrete differently than most ready-mix companies in that they use volumetric concrete mixers. These trucks are unique in that the product is hauled to the job site all separately, and mixed on site as it is needed. This benefits the customer in several ways:

·         It ensures that the concrete is always fresh

·         Distance of travel time does not affect the concrete quality

·         The customer only pays for what is metered off the truck

·         Multiple kinds of concrete can be poured with one truck

·         Slump can be increased or decreased throughout the pour

The company also specializes in precast concrete items. AltaMix first got into precast a few years ago with Jersey barriers, and Colter has now designed a precast bin pad for grain hoppers, which is a new innovation in the ag industry that is becoming increasingly popular throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. AltaMix has also recently started producing precast products for the electrical sector. With the increase in precast production, AltaMix has had to expand their yard by purchasing more land, and they are currently working on building another building to accommodate for this increased production.

As said by owners Krystal and Colter, “we provide a convenient, easy and cost-effective way to supply ready-mix concrete on site, anywhere, anytime!” Prices vary by location, so contact Colter at 403.415.5502 for an estimate on your job. For more information on this ever-growing company, visit their website at

Ed's Roofing

Paul Frechette
Fort McMurray, AB

We are a family owned and operated business serving Fort McMurray, available seven days a week to serve all of your roofing needs. We are re-roofing specialists at Ed’s Roofing-- we perform residential and commercial contracting for services that include eavestroughs, new roofs and soffit and Fascia metal capping. We also install water management systems. Our trained roofers pride themselves on their quality work and are happy to answer all of your questions.

Don’t spend another day with a leaky or worn out roof, call us today.

White Rose Construction Services Ltd.

Matthew Ashton
Cochrane, AB

White Rose Construction Services provides management for renovations and new construction - residential and commercial.  Matthew Ashton and his wife Emma moved to Cochrane four years ago with their two week old daughter, Sophie. “The small town atmosphere was just what we wanted,” says Matthew. “We love being close to the mountains, like to ski, hike and camp. And the idea of canoeing on the Bow River was especially appealing.”  With their newborn in tow, the Ashtons were quickly welcomed into the community.

After working for a general contractor for 3 years (6 months of which was spent commuting back and forth to Fort McMurray), Matthew was handed a pink slip. The company was cutting back.

Not one to sit still, he decided to act on a plan he had been mulling over for some time – to start his own construction consulting business. Cochrane was the perfect location. He wanted to stay in town and promote local trade in the area. “There’s enough renovation and new building going on here to keep a guy busy,” he remarks. “I started up in February 2010 with a slightly different concept than most renovation businesses.

One of Mathew’s recent projects was the renovation of the Parent Link Centre on behalf of the Town of Cochrane. “It’s a great facility where parents and kids can socialize, play and develop skill sets. We increased the square footage, upgraded the flooring, and installed specialized equipment - including a new climbing wall. This new space will be enjoyed for a long time.”

What was Matthew’s key to success? “I felt confident with my own technical skill sets, but managing a new business seemed daunting and a bit overwhelming. I looked for help and found Community Futures Centre West. I was blown away with the programs and services available – the Self Employment program taught me the basics of new business start up and I was able to confidently move ahead and open White Rose Construction Services Ltd.

“My advice to anyone moving here or already living in Cochrane who wants to start up or grow a business is to not be afraid to ask for help and guidance – it’s out there.”

Cheap Smokes & Cigars

Rob Klein & Jeremy McPhee
3815 Caxton Street

In mid-2015, experienced entrepreneurs Rob Klein and Jeremy McPhee started considering partnering to bring the Alberta-based tabacco franchise Cheap Smokes and Cigars to the Whitecourt area. They approached Community Futures Yellowhead East with their business plan and their application was approved in the fall, leading to the October 2015 opening on Caxton Street. 




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Success stories

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