More support for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

Albertans with a disability can access a growing pool of support through the Community Futures network of small business lenders.

Community Futures' Elevate program has expanded the number of applicants in 2018; responding to growth in small business development from Albertans with a disability or health condition.

The phased program, one of two available for those with a disability at Community Futures, is for rural entrepreneurs with a viable business idea who need financial support outside a small business loan, in order to develop and sustain their business.

The program takes into account the personal financial costs of a disability or a health condition and helps remove barriers to self-employment.

Community Futures has been supporting entrepreneurs with disabilities with unique and customizable training and support for over 20 years, and many Albertans have found that self-employment can be a great way to get back into the workforce.

If you live in rural Alberta and need a loan or need help starting or growing a business, get in touch with your local Community Futures office today.