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Rural Opportunities Fund projects focus on grassroots solutions to local challenges and developing new business opportunities to help communities build resiliency.

Connect with a local project or learn more about the Rural Opportunities Fund and enhancing rural economic development in Western Canada.


Business Retention Expansion and Workforce Development (BREWD)

This project will complete and implement the BREWD action plan that addresses business retention, succession planning and support workforce development to meet evolving business requirements. The outreach will involve communities that are underrepresented in the local economy with the largest focus on new Canadians and youth.

For more information contact:

Community Futures Entre-Corp Business Development
202 - 556 4th Street SE
Medicine Hat, AB T1A 0K8
T: 403-528-2824
Toll Free: 888-528-2824
Website: entre-corp.albertacf.com


Economic Diversification and Energy Transition in the West Yellowhead

This project will implement a plan to assist in recovery and transition of natural resources affected communities. The coaching and training will be expanded around entrepreneurship opportunities, business retention/succession and regional diversification focusing on tourism, renewable energy and advancing new opportunities with the new Canadian population.

For more information contact:

Community Futures West Yellowhead
221 Pembina Avenue
Hinton, AB T7V 2B3
T: (780) 865-1224
Toll Free: 1-800-263-1716
Website: westyellowhead.albertacf.com


Community Resiliency and Economic Support for Taber (CREST)

This project will enhance local business training, workforce attraction, employee skill development, tourism development, retention and succession planning, digital marketing and youth engagement.

For more information contact:

Community Futures Chinook 
5324 48 Ave.
Taber, AB T1G 1S2
T: 403-223-2984
Toll Free: 888-223-3330
Website: chinook.albertacf.com


Agri-Tourism Innovation Cluster Challenge

The Agri-Tourism Innovation Challenge is designed to catalyze and scale up Agri-Tourism by incentivizing operators to engage their neighbours in building product clusters and integrated supply chains. It will provide an environment to foster diversification, business innovation, retention and collaboration while expanding existing operations and assisting in the sustainability of rural Alberta communities within the Community Futures Wild Rose region.

For more information contact:

Community Futures Wild Rose 
101 - 331 3rd Avenue
Box 2159
Strathmore, AB T1P 1K2
T: 403-934-8888
Website: wildrose.albertacf.com


Succession Matching and Planning (SMP)

The focus of this project is the need for succession planning education and resources. It aims to raise awareness of the issue and educate business owners and their ‘circle of influence’ by providing access to additional resources through succession planning vendors with workshops and training supports to understand the transferable value of their business, and to have resources and training for business buyers.

Business Recovery and Retention (BRAR)

Created as a direct response to the impact of COVID-19 on many small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), this project is a collaboration between three Community Futures offices, as well as many local stakeholders and a specially created task force. The goal of this project is to provide much needed mental health, educational and coaching support to aid the recovery needs of the affected business owners.

For more information contact:

Community Futures Highwood 
14 McRae Street
PO Box 1599
Okotoks, AB T1S 1B5
T: 403-995-4151
Website: highwood.albertacf.com



We know that rural communities thrive when small businesses do, and vice versa.

In addition to working with entrepreneurs, we take a 'big picture view' of the health of the local businesses economy, and are drivers of regional innovation. 

We help build strong, vibrant, sustainable rural communities through our unique approach to community economic development:

  • Grow - We connect and build networks of small business leaders and champions who are invested in the local well-being of their community.
  • Diversify - We support emerging industries and encourage innovative thinking and planning in rural economies.
  • Lead - We have over 30 years of local experience and partner with respected rural businesses, non-profits and governments to develop a vibrant and sustainable business environment for Alberta entrepreneurs.

We specialize in local partnerships and community projects that support:

  • Economic development and diversification
  • Strategic planning
  • Community project planning and management
  • Training and resource sharing
  • Research
  • Non-profit board development training

Connect with one of our local community economic development experts today.