We're not your average business champion

In addition to working with entrepreneurs, we take a 'big picture view' of the health of the local businesses economy, and are drivers of regional innovation. We know that rural communities thrive when small businesses do, and vice versa.

We help build strong, vibrant, sustainable rural communities through our 'three pillars' approach to community economic development:

  • Grow - We connect and build networks of small business leaders and champions who are invested in the local well-being of their community.
  • Diversify - We support emerging industries and encourage innovative thinking and planning in rural economies.
  • Lead - We have over 30 years of local experience and partner with respected rural businesses, non-profits and governments to develop a vibrant and sustainable business environment for Alberta entrepreneurs.

We specialize in local partnerships and community projects that support:

  • Economic development and diversification
  • Strategic planning
  • Community project planning and management
  • Training and resource sharing
  • Research
  • Non-profit board development training

Connect with one of our local community economic development experts today.