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Community Futures delivers a number of popular and proven small business development programs each year. If you don’t see what you are looking for get in touch with your nearest Community Futures office.

Business Loans

Community Futures offers eight different loans products, each designed to meet a particular business need. Whether you require a quick influx of cash to respond to an unexpected opportunity, or are looking for a larger investment for expansion into global markets, we have a product that can help. And as a developmental lender Community Futures can be flexible in finding a tailored loan solution. Applying is fast and easy - just contact your nearest Community Futures office.

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program

The Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP) was established to make it easier for entrepreneurs with disabilities to pursue their business goals and contribute to economic growth within their rural community. In addition to offering business training and mentoring, the EDP can provide business loans through the BizAble loan product. For more information on the EDP in your area please contact your local Community Futures office.

BizStream Small Business Program

As a local company, you may be able to provide a product or service, but standardized health, safety and insurance requirements may prevent you from being eligible to bid on the contracts you want. BizStream Small Business Program can assist you in meeting industry requirements so you can compete for contracts and get in the game.  BizStream Small Business Program provides information and mentoring to rural Alberta businesses with the potential and desire to engage in contracts with the energy sector.

The Self-Employment (SE) Program

A number of Alberta Community Futures offices deliver the SE Program on behalf of Alberta Employment Immigration and Industry. Participants in the SE Program receive business training and access to financial assistance while getting their new business up and running. The program is designed to reduce some of the financial concerns of self-support for new entrepreneurs who are taking their first step towards self-employment. To find out more contact your Community Futures office.


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