Trends and perspectives on a changing world

A Message from Phyllis Maki

This is my first opportunity to share with you my thoughts, dreams, challenges, and ambitions, and I hope you will share back yours with me.

While new to the Community Futures Network of Alberta, I have been ‘in the field’ guiding local Community Futures offices and programs in Western Canada for more than 30 years.

The past decade has been remarkable. From the depths of recession, shifts in historic resource industries and natural disasters, to record population growth and the entry of new industries, one thing has remained... Read more

Disability Business Coaching

Breaking down the Essentials

Wendy Holloway specializes in facilitating transformation in human behaviour using techniques in Applied Neuro-science, which she says work exceptionally well for clients that struggle with varying disabilities.

By finding ways to increase a client’s confidence, Wendy tries at the same time increasing their effectiveness and productivity in business growth.

Building a business can mean different things to different people but according to her, the essential elements remain the same... Read more

Common Entrepreneurial Mistakes & Quick Fixes

Do you have a business idea that has been burning in the back of your mind?

The time is right to join the thousands of Albertans following their passion and finding opportunity in a rural small business community.

Here's a rundown of the most common mistakes that can prove detrimental to new entrepreneurs, and some solutions to help you in your business planning venture:

... Read more

When Opportunity Knocks - What will you do?

The success of an entrepreneur comes from proper planning, persistence, and discipline. Are you ready to build your future and be part of a growing community of rural 'big thinkers'?

Timing is everything

Self-employment is leading Alberta job growth. According to this article, nearly 410,000 Albertans are now self-employed. That's an increase of 43,000 from a year and a half ago. The number of people working as... Read more

Rural Small Business Loans – 5 Things You Should Know

Do you live in a rural community and have a viable business idea or want to expand your current business, but don’t know how to get funding? We can help!

Securing funding for a start-up or expansion can seem discouraging and daunting. Community Futures will help guide you through the process and become the successful entrepreneur we know you can be! There are many reasons why small businesses need funding such as start up costs, equipment, inventory,... Read more

A New Wave of Entrepreneurs

A growing momentum is emerging in rural Alberta. Entrepreneurs from every region of the province are harnessing the power of purpose to energize their communities, lead their companies and to connect with new and emerging markets.


Diversification is crucial to the health of smaller communities

Alberta is widely expected to lead the country in GDP growth this year, fueled in part, by rural entrepreneurs who are accelerating change and growth in their communities.

Interest in small business ownership and... Read more

Are we Future Takers or Makers?

Part two in a series exploring some of the complex issues and ideas facing our communities.

Guest Article by Ken Coates
Canada Research Chair in Regional Innovation


Technological Revolution

Rapid and sweeping technological change is upon us – and rural and small town Canada is not well-situated to capitalize on the opportunities and respond to the challenges.  The innovation economy is decidedly tipped to cities and urban areas, as is the overwhelming majority of the country’s... Read more

Rural Futures, Tech Realities

We are pleased to be featuring a two-part series exploring some of the complex issues and ideas facing our communities.

Guest Article by Ken Coates
Canada Research Chair in Regional Innovation


Rural and small town Canada finds itself in times of constant change.  As we look forward to 2050, we contemplate a world that is being transformed by technological innovation, globalization and climate change.  Communities and regions that seek to prosper have to be more proactive, more... Read more